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What’s Your Home Worth? Get an instant estimate!


Are you curious about the value of your home if you listed it for sale today? Want to know the sales price of homes in your neighborhood? At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate, we have a great resource for you.

Our website has a home valuation tool that allows you to instantly see the estimated value of your home from Zillow plus two leading real estate industry data modeling systems. To take into account any unique features or recent updates, you may fine-tune the property features for a more accurate estimate. When you’re ready for a more in-depth estimate, one of our agents would be happy to prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) to review neighborhood trends, current and past sales and factor in the overall condition of your home.

Please visit and take advantage of this powerful resource to help you keep tabs on the value of your investment!



Spending too much on technology?

Reinvent Drip MarketingI recently read Agents question the value of IDX Search on their websites . IDX website feeds are what allow your customizable website to have listings for the entire MLS available to your website visitors (and of course, branded to you).

It makes me feisty.

Internet marketing and real estate search opportunity are key elements to generating business online effectively.

There are key costs to any business, and one of those is technology that takes you online and marketing that helps people find you online.

The way the article reads, most brokerages seem to only care about themselves online – forgetting that you make a contribution (through your clients) to achieve success in online marketing. That directly shows in the fact that it is left up to you to build and maintain individual websites (and other online marketing opportunities that are core piece of business strategy in today’s real estate market at many real estate companies.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate is exactly the opposite. We get it, and bring you real estate technology and online marketing options to take your business as much as you want online.  Going back to the article, the average is $75/mo just to have an IDX feed.  Staying with the focus on cost to keep your business online, you pay $99.95/mo for that plus:

  • Market Trend Reports (PIP, Market Watch)
  • Property Search Automated Emails (HomeFinder, Property Watch)
  • Lead Generation, Social Sharing
  • Flyers, Postcards,  Virtual Tours, Web Commercials
  • QR Codes (Website, OSA)
  • Listing Activity Reports (Website, OSA)
  • Mobile Website Search
  • Email, eFax, Home Services

If you want, you can build your real estate business online for less than $100.

So, if you think you may be spending more than you have to on technology and online marketing tools, give Jennifer or myself a call.  We’ll help you review all the technologies you use outside of what’s offered in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate package and help you understand any overlapping areas.

We’re always looking for new technologies to support electronic communication and online marketing.  There are so many ways to execute, before you start something new, check with your Branch Manager to talk through it to see how the technology and marketing tools provided to you can get you where you are going.

Jess Dewell, IT Resources Manager

The Old Standby Floor Time > It Still Produces Leads

Here’s something you don’t see every day… especially in this era of social media! Some recent research shared by Inman from the Texas Association of Realtors suggests it may be time to revisit this old standby, Floor Time or “Opportunity Time”.

As you already know, many of the brokers in our office have done millions of dollars of volume from the contacts they received while doing floor time. So here are some great guidelines for you to use during your Your productivity during floor time depends upon how how effective you are at converting leads into actual appointments.

Three important reasons for taking floor time:

  1. It is an additional opportunity to make money.
  2. Floor time generates both buyer and seller leads.
  3. Floor time helps you keep in touch with pulse of market.

The challenges with floor time:

The primary challenge with floor time is that it is a passive prospecting activity. This means you are sitting at the up desk either waiting for the phone to ring or for someone to walk into your office. The best lead generation activities are those in which you actively control how many leads you contact. However floor time does give you an additional prospecting center and you can accomplish other meaningful tasks while on floor.

Questions to ask prospective buyers:

The first four questions below can help you convert more buyer floor time leads into actual clients. When you receive a call, qualify potential buyers in terms of the type of house they are searching for, the neighborhoods where they may want to live, as well as what is attractive to the buyers about those locations.

Also, remember that many younger buyers purchase the lifestyle, not just the property, so be sure to probe for that as well. Here are some examples of what to ask:

  • Describe the type of house you are searching for, including the price range and the location.
  • What is it about the lifestyle in that area that you find to be attractive?
  • Do you have to sell another property in order to purchase?
  • Have you spoken to a lender about being pre-approved, not just pre-qualified?

Questions to ask seller leads:

If your floor call turns out to be a seller lead, you can probe more deeply by asking any of these five questions. Remember, your ultimate goal is to schedule an appointment rather than keeping them on the phone.

  • How long have you owned your present home?
  • What do you like about the neighborhood?
  • When are you planning on moving?
  • Where will you be going?
  • What is motivating you to sell?

Summarizing what the floor lead says:

One of the most important skills you need for floor time is the ability to listen and then to summarize what the caller or walk-in has told you. Here are some of the transitional phrases you can use to keep the conversation going as well as to reconfirm that you’ve heard what the lead really said.

  • So what I hear you saying is that …
  • If I understand you correctly …
  • So it appears that …
  • So what you are telling me is that …
  • So one of the things you are looking for is …
  • So what’s important to you is …
  • Is that a correct assessment of what you have told me?
  • Is that right?

Floor time is a waste if you cannot get the caller’s phone number, schedule an appointment, and then close that lead to work with you as either a buyer or a seller.

Is floor time right for you?

The only way to tell is to monitor your conversion ratio: How many leads are you generating for the number of hours spent?

If other prospecting activities are generating more leads, then focus on your more dollar-productive activities. On the other hand, if you consistently produce closed transactions from floor time, make this old standby an important part of your lead generation activities as often as possible.

Shari Kruse, Sales Manager Seattle

Automatic Listing Reports

Online Seller Advantage (OSA)


The Listing Activity email is an informative daily or weekly update that comes from you, to the seller.  It tells them how many times people saw the listing in home clips, looked at the property details, or added the property to their portfolio in the Online Advantage system.

You can choose what information you would like to send, and the frequency.

The activity summary section tells your seller what activity occurred on your website with regard to this listing including how many property views were generated that week and overall.

The market activity sections are notifications of MLS changes to the properties near the seller’s property priced within 20% of the seller’s list price, including: new listings, new photos, status change or price change.

These automatic reports reinforce the valuable marketing exposure that Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is generating form national websites. Take a tour of the OSA.

Technology Webinar: PIPs & HomeFinder Pro’s

AutoSphere Picture

This 45 minute webinar will walk you through using ClientConnect to:* Set up HFs and PIPs

  • Edit HFs and PIPs currently being generated
  • Complete the necessary 3 steps – receive valuable tips!Whether you’re new to using ClientConnect, haven’t set up a report in a while, or you want a quick brush up for the latest best practices for getting these powerful stay in touch marketing pieces in place – this webinar is for you!

Friday February 1, 2013

1:00pm – 1:45pm PST

Exclusively for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate Brokers.

Internet Marketing

 leaddistributionThe Internet has become an invaluable tool for buyers as they begin their home search.  In a recent study, more than 90% of home buyers stated that they used the Internet to research properties for sale.




At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate , we post your listings on more websites than any other company, giving your listings the most exposure.  We make it easy to send listing activity reports automatically to your clients so that they are always aware of the showings or lack of showings, their listing receives on the Internet.  Our exclusive Online Seller Advantage daily or weekly reports, detail the National online activity and our exclusive Personal Website activity reports show the Regional online traffic.

Additionally, we pay to advertise all of your listings on the Seattle Times and P.I. web editions every day until they are sold.  All of the leads received through this site will go directly to you first.


Seller Marketing Plan

It is well known that brokers that present a complete and professional Seller Marketing Plan during all of their listing appointments, have a much greater advantage over their competition.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate’s 70-page marketing plan is designed to share with your clients the unique marketing strategies you have to offer.

Each marketing plan is pre-printed and on hand in our branches for quick and easy availability.  You can simply grab and go, or if you have more time, you can add personal custom pages using templates we have provided.

Each plan is our gift to you so that you an leave the full presentation with your sellers after your appointment, generating more referrals. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate ’s marketing plan will win you listings and referrals!

Marketing Plan

Marketing & Media Centers

Custom E-Cards and E-Mails

Media Center

Prospecting has never been easier!  We offer unlimited web-based access to hundreds of marketing tools unique to our brand including artwork, videos, audio clips, slideshows, and customizable print advertising templates.

The Personal Design and Publishing Platform of Marketing Center is proprietary technology that has been developed over the past 11 years, and is the foundation for our Online Design Center, a unique vertical application for the real estate industry. In addition, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices e National has created a repository for a wide range of rich media content in it’s powerful Media Center.  Combined, these two programs allow you to quickly design, produce and publish quality marketing materials, round the clock, with point and click ease of use.

You receive unlimited use, so you can print, post and publish – paper or digital – as many postcards, brochures, property cards, e-cards, web commercials, presentations, and slideshows as you need to service clients, communicate expertise, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

You do not have to devote resources to manage servers or software, or incur the expense for system administration, maintenance upgrades and other services most other companies require in order to remain up and running at optimal performance levels, thus allowing you to spend your time and energy on your profitability.

Email Newsletter

Newsletter PictureThe Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate newsletter is automatically emailed to your clients monthly so that you can be the real estate expert your prospects turn to when they are ready to make a move.  Current and timely, these newsletters share real estate information, economic topics, homeowner tips, and consumer information.

In addition to the monthly newsletters, there are six other stock campaigns that need only be set up once for delivery. These campaigns are targeted to introduce your services to buyers, sellers, relocation customers, new clients and more. Or you can easily create your own custom campaigns using our blank professional templates.

Action buttons on this report allow the consumer to quickly link back to your website for additional information and customized MLS searches.

Receive the newsletter at the beginning of each month.


Property Investment Profile

PIPThe Property Investment Profile (PIP) is an automatic report emails to your clients current real estate activity in their area. It contains extensive information regarding properties that are currently for sale or have recently sold and includes a market trend graph demonstrating the rise and fall of real estate values. The values represented are based on current, detailed information from the Multiple Listing Service and can be scheduled for delivery every seven to thirty days.

Action buttons on this report allow the consumer to quickly link back to your website for additional information and customized MLS searches.

Receive a PIP for your home.